My studio

Check out everything you may find in my studio.

I love building new hardware, robots, or apps. Cool ideas are always welcome! Just comment below.👇

Since 2020, I have built my own studio in my dormitory. It contains almost everything I need to build a robot.

My studio at a glance.

For tools and devices, I have soldering irons, oscilloscopes, wave generators, DC power supplies, logic analyzers, Lego Bricks (Mindstorms), drills and wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers…

I also have hundreds of types of screws, nuts, resistors, capacitors, and common electronic components.

Additionally, I have numerous boards like the Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, STM32, ESP32, etc., as well as modules such as the IMU, nRF24L01, candleLight, Leap Motion, RealSense, Dynamixel Servos…

My studio at a glance.

And of course, there are two 3D printers, a pocket CNC, a tabletop SMT machine, and two fire extinguishers!

My Pocket CNC Machine
Snapmaker 3 in 1 3D Printer
JGMaker A7 3D Printer

I upgraded my Snapmaker with a dual extrusion module recently, so it can print using two materials (e.g., PLA + Nylon) simultaneously.

Wood PLA Filament + Grey PLA Filament

However, it’s really time-consuming to use UG to design the tool path and set the spindle speed for a workpiece. That’s why I rarely use the pocket CNC machine at home. (But I love staying at my friend’s factory, using the huge commercial CNC Machine!)

Pocket CNC machine working on a workpiece.
Be careful! The video contains loud drilling noises.