Name Han Helen Zhang
Intro I know how to build a robot from just a concept, to a real machine, and then eventually turn it into a commercial product.

Academic interests

  • Robotics
    • Robot System Design (Full-stack, both hardware and software parts)
    • Robot Learning
    • Tactile Sensing
    • Mobile Manipulation
    • Modular Robots
  • Human Computer Interaction
    • Force and Texture Feedback
    • Mixed Reality (AR/VR/XR)
  • Experience

    • 2022 - Present
      Research Assistant
      IIIS, Tsinghua University
      • Advised by Prof. Huazhe Xu.
      • Author of ArrayBot and 9DTact.
      • Contributes to the design of new hardware devices in the laboratory.
    • 2020 - 2021
      Jaresh Tech Inc.
      • A startup company focused on next-generation XR glasses.
      • Lead the Engineering Verification Test (EVT) and Design Verification Test (DVT) of the product prototype.
      • Develop the circuits, mechanical structures, CV and SLAM algorithms.
      • Obtain an authorized patent (CN202130465143.0).
    • 2016 - 2018
      Dexta Robotics Inc.
      • A startup company specializing in easy-to-use force feedback glove.
      • Raise over $1.5M angel round from Grainsvalley Ventures and Sunwoda(A Public company).
      • Design the circuits, embedded systems, C# API, and Unity applications.



    • 2019
      RoboCup @Home Open Platform
      Rank 7
      The RoboCup@Home is the largest international annual competition for autonomous service robots.
    • 2018
      National Scholarship
      Top 5%
      For inspiring undergraduates to study hard and develop morally, intellectually, and physically.
    • 2018
      GIX Innovation Competition
      The Second Prize
      A worldwide event, invited young innovators to develop projects for ubiquitous computing, and related fields.
    • 2018
      iF Design Award
      Product / Industry
      The iF Design Award stands as one the most prestigious design awards in the world.
    • 2017
      RedDot Award
      Product Design Award
      The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions for product design.
    • 2016
      IDC Robocon
      The Third Prize
      International teams of students take part of the contest, designing and building remotely controlled robots.


    Hardware Design
    Circuits Design (Altium Designer, lceda, Cadence)
    Mechanical Design (Solidworks, AutoCAD)
    PCB, SMT, 3D Printing, Soldering, Machine Tools
    CNC GCode Programming (UG)
    Embeded System (RaspberryPi, STM32, Arduino, ESP32, 51, FPGA, DSP...)
    Software Design
    C/C++, C#, Python, Matlab
    Verilog, MIPS
    FreeRTOS, Nuttx
    ROS, OpenCV, webots, Gazebo, Qt, ....
    Isaac Gym, MuJoCo, PyBullet
    Adode Photoshop, LightroomClassic
    Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects
    Adobe Audition, Avid ProTools
    Familiar with most XR platforms :)


    Ham radio
    DE BI1NWO 73
    Operator of BY1QH